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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Neighborhood Bully

It has not gone without notice that Israel has recently been attacked from areas it had previously occupied but relinquished, leading to the wry observation that Hezbollah--which means Islamic Resistance--seems committed to resisting Israel's good faith attempt at exchanging land for peace.

So now Israel is put in the position of becoming the Neighborhood Bully once again.

One can't help but feel for Lebanese victims of Israeli aggression here. Innocent men, women, and children are no doubt dying; civilian infrastructure--roads, buildings, as well as food supplies and water facilities--are being destroyed. Given the povocation, it would seem that Israel is reacting with disproportionate force, and in the eyes of many this alone constitutes a crime, as if this foray into Lebanon is meant to purposely target innocent civilians. If you see that as Israel's intention, then you probably conclude that Israel is evil. You might also agree with Ahmadinejad when he says that Israel "must be wiped from the map of the world."

True to Ahmadinejad's words, the Iranians are doing their part to destroy the Zionist entity by supplying rockets--and who knows what else--to the noble Islamic Resistance. Resistance after this fashion is acceptable, you see, because Iran is not the bully, Syria is not the bully, Hamas is not the bully, Hezbollah is not the bully. You guessed it. Israel is the bully. One has but to remember that simple fact, and all the countervailing others become inconsequential.

Could it be that launching rockets on Haifa--targeting presumptively innocent Israeli civilians--should also qualify as some kind of a crime? Could be, though Israel's critics will still likely give Israel's other enemies a pass on that score. The only war crimes in this conflict will wear the the six-pointed star.

Inevitably, Israel's critics will also declare: For the sake of the world, the world's powers must insist that Israel submit to the dictates of International Law. They will do this while ignoring the armed resistance of the Islamic Resistance to the mandate of International Law.

That's what Israel gets for being the neighborhood bully.


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