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Friday, July 14, 2006

What Tehran should do now

Whether or not Tehran was behind the Hezbollah incursion and abduction of Israeli soldiers, if the mullahs are smart they will turn the event to their significant advantage.

Instead of stoking the fires of conflict, they should be tamping them down. They should go to the U.N. and announce they want to help broker an immediate cease-fire. They should offer to use their influence with the Syrians and Hezbollah to return the Israeli soldiers uninjured, if only Israel will withdraw and stop killing innocent people.

They should softly speak with the oh-so-calm, sane voice of reason. By so doing they will not only blunt and thwart Israel’s potentially killing thrust against Hezbollah and save Assad further embarrassment and discomfort, they will also show that Iran's leaders can be relied upon to act rationally in crisis. They will gain the world’s trust and so will be allowed their nuclear ambitions.

All they have to do is act like the good and rational people they almost certainly are not.


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Sirius! Who knew you had a blog. Of course, when you post only every six months...


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